Part L1A Building Regulations

SAP calculations also form the compliancy route for domestic properties through Part L the Conservation of Fuel & Power Building regulation.

Calculating the Target Emission Rate (TER) and Dwelling Emission Rate (DER) for a dwelling involves the full utilisation of the SAP calculation method.

Clearly the SAP calculation and Part L compliancy involves several key areas in building design. As such it is critical for the architect, developer or surveyor to undertake the compliancy assessment at very early design stage to understand the requirements from day 1.

From early design drawings we can provide the SAP rating for the dwelling and also assess the compliancy with regards to PartL1A or L1B of the building regulations. This will avoid architects wasting hours developing working drawings to then find they have to change them to comply with PartL.

From this early assessment we will provide an outline specification of the building services and construction detail required (U-values, boiler efficiency, controls etc) to achieve compliancy.

The outline specification will not only enable you to show Part L compliancy to building control and confirm the architects working drawing detail, but also easily instruct the contractors on site with the Part L requirements.

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