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The CRC is one of the tools implemented by the DECC that will help the reduce carbon emissions in the UK. The CRC legislation is mandatory for all organisations in the UK with annual electricity usage over 6,000 MWh. Under the scheme, organisations will join a cap and trade scheme and report their emissions to the government.

CRC addresses these issues in two main ways, charging organisations on the carbon emissions that result from their energy use and putting the environmental performance of organisations in the public eye, by publishing the performance of all those covered by the scheme in a league table.

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The cost of carbon allowances for the period 2010 – 2013 will make up approximately 8% – 10% of the annual energy bill. Therefore, by implementing energy efficiency measures and minimizing carbon emissions, organisations can take advantage of significant financial benefits.

We offer a complete solution, spanning from an initial energy survey to assess energy efficiency at your site, right up to a project management service. We are committed to preparing you for the CRC and we can improve performance at your organisation, avoid the extra costs and instead taking advantage of the financial gains that will result.